All About Us!

Hi, I'm Em! I founded Lemon Drops Sweet Shop at the age of 18 during the COVID-19 lockdown. I was still working, however, my sixth form had been cancelled and I found myself with A LOT of free time!


I'd been vegetarian for over two years and was moving towards a more vegan diet and lifestyle. This meant sourcing my favourite snack, sweets, even harder to get! If jelly sweets were, by some miracle, vegetarian, then most of the time they would contain beeswax, meaning most vegans would be unable to enjoy them.  Through many hours of research, I found some small vegan sweet shops. Although these shops were doing an amazing job at making vegan sweets available and accessible, most of them used lots of plastic and generated a lot of waste! I wanted to change this, and so my little shop was born!

Lemon Drops Sweet Shop involved hundreds of hours of research. Finding compostable packaging proved to be incredibly difficult and the limited supply I found was expensive. Despite this, I found packaging and shipping bags I was happy with, and they were compostable! As my business grew, I invested in compostable tape and confetti to package my orders too! 

It is early September as I'm writing this. My little business has been open just over a month and I've never been prouder! Every single order I receive makes all the hard work worth it.


Thank you for helping me make this dream a reality!

- Em